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About Starfish Learn To Swim


Starfish Learn to Swim is a locally owned enterprise with a dedicated staff that really enjoys teaching people of all ages to be safe around water and to learn to swim.

We start babies at 3 months of age and have parents that persist with swim lessons all year round and have their children swimming, unaided, at 2 years of age.

The Golden Rules, that Starfish cannot emphasize enough are:

  • ALWAYS watch your children in and around water.

A clever, persistent, 4 year old child CAN get over a four foot, approved, swimming pool gate in 45 seconds. We have seen this happen often!

  • NEVER, NEVER swim alone.

Mums, Dads, Kids, anyone can get a cramp, or get tired or bump their head or swallow a bit of water and the only thing that may save them is someone sees them in distress.


Teaching your child to swim is one of the greatest gifts any parent can bestow. One day it may very well save their life.